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Delhi-based branding agency Bigthink Media Manages the prestigious 1st mehrauli monsoon festival 2019 C

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New Delhi, India, September 2019: Monsoon carries break to the searing summer heat and is perhaps the most praised season in India. Rainstorm gets up the Nature from its profound sleep and transforms its dry parched terrains into excellent green beautiful scenes.

To praise the period of showers, the Government of Delhi composed unexpectedly, a three-day 'Mehrauli Monsoon Festival' at Mehrauli from August 30 - September 1, 2019. This three-day social event planned for coordinating and praising the rich legacy of Mehrauli tradition and advancing the travel industry into the zone. The Festival was sorted out at Mehrauli's three huge areas - Aam Bagh, Jahaz Mahal and Jharna. The occasion saw unimaginable footfalls and interest from crowds crosswise over age gatherings and networks from the area just as Delhi.

The rambling plantations of Aam Bag was the ideal spot to have the rainstorm reasonable and was relevantly done up in the subject of a town style reasonable. The plantation had a different corner each for artworks bazaar, nourishment slows down, amusement zone, games, and so on. Neighborhood craftsman exhibitions, intriguing challenges and boundless nearby flavor like kachhi ghodi, manikin appear, man strolling on sticks, society moves and singing, and conventional jhoole denoted the three days at Aam Bagh. Jharna was the specialists asylum with painting and chiseling workshops alongside legacy and natural strolls.

Bigthink Media – a main brand the board computerized showcasing organization has a specific occasion the board office as well. The organization was granted the undertaking by virtue of its new aesthetic methodology and ideation for the renowned occasion. Remarking on the success, Charu Nathan, the Creative and Strategy Director of the office's India and Middle East workplaces says, "Mehrauli Monsoon Festival was one of our most testing conveyances for complete occasion the board off late. This was perhaps the greatest occasion done inside a brief span time of seven days. From a one of a kind stage structure that does equity to the Jahaz Mahal to planning and dealing with an enormous town themed celebration - this occasion was as trying as it can get. Jharna was another area which was made and oversaw comprehensively for expressions and specialties show and workshops. So all things considered, these were three occasions all occurrence simultaneously. More than 385 individuals crosswise over 18 groups were dealing with this occasion at Bigthink Media"

Bigthink Media – the main advertising office has four workplaces with three of them in India. The Delhi, Mumbai and the Abu Dhabi office has undeniable groups engaged with overseeing both - local just as universal occasions like meetings, dispatches, vendor meets and B2B fairs.

Very nearly 28-30 partners of the Mumbai office just as specialized authorities were on ground making the experience called Mehrauli Monsoon Festival.

Bigthink Media is a diverse, energetic, coordinated showcasing correspondences organization with a particular office for overseeing occasions in India and the Middle East. Different jobs of the organization are computerized showcasing, web-based promoting, marking and advertising office, occasion the executive's office and online networking advertising office.